Tips & tricks - communicate even better!

  • Speak close to the microphone, approx. 1-2 cm for clear and distinct sound, regardless of whether you have accessories connected or not

  • When installing accessories, make sure that the radio is switched off and do not use tools to tighten any screws

  • The radio must be switched off when charging

  • Common when the radio behaves strangely is that the battery starts to give up. Charge the battery or replace the battery

  • If you experience poorer range, hold the radio in your hand, preferably high and free. In some cases, you can even increase the output power, which can contribute to longer range. However, this also helps the radio to draw more battery.


All our equipment is tested and checked carefully before it reaches you as a customer.
If the equipment still does not work as you expected, we always want to be on hand and help!
Below you will therefore find a small guide with tips on things you as a customer can do to ensure that everything works as it should.
You can also always call us on +46(8)-55603838 , a warm welcome!

What do I do if:

-My accessories do not work properly?

  1. Turn off the radio.

  2. Disconnect the accessory.

  3. Connect the accessory.

  4. Turn on the radio.

-The radio does not work properly?

  • Check the battery plates, that they point in the same direction and are intact.
    NOTE! Be careful not to bend them back as they will fall off easily.

  • Replace battery.

-Other experience that I hear poorly when I broadcast from my headset?

  • Move the mic closer to your mouth. For best sound, the mic should almost touch your lips.
    This applies to all types of audio accessories

  • Check that the mic cord of your headset is in the correct direction, the cord should point away from the socket for the radio cable. NOTE! This applies to noise-canceling headsets.

-My two-wire headset does not produce sound or sounds weak?

Separate the eartube from the rest of the accessory and blow in it. Condensation can easily form in the eartube which stops the passage of sound.


That said, do not hesitate to contact us - we are happy to help you!

/ SVB gang

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