Tips & Tricks - does the radio need service?

Sometimes the solution is easier than you think, so we have listed some nice tips for you who experience problems with your equipment

- good luck!

  • Common when the radio behaves strangely is that the battery starts to give up. Charge the battery or replace the battery

  • In case of poor reception / transmission, it may be that the antenna has broken or is not properly fitted. Tighten or replace antenna

  • If you experience poor range, hold the radio in your hand, preferably high and free. In some cases, you can even increase the output power, which can contribute to longer range. However, this also helps the radio to draw more battery.

  • Check the battery plates (the golden ones), remove the battery and make sure that they are intact and clean

  • Do your friends feel that you are not heard? Try to speak very close and straight into the microphone on both the radio and accessories

  • Some radios are sensitive to attaching accessories when the radio is turned on. Turn off the radio, mount the accessory and turn on the radio again.

  • The radio must be switched off when charging

  • If you experience that the sound level is low in your eartube. Separate the eartube from the accessory and blow it out. Condensation sometimes forms in the air hoses.

  • Turn off the radio, remove the battery, turn on the battery, and turn on the radio

If none of the above tips work, then it's time for a little love in the form of service - you are more than welcome to us with your equipment!

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